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New Prestwich Showroom – Celebrate At Our Shopping & Champagne Event!


We’re well into 2016 now (can you believe its already mid-March?? Time really flies by!) and we’ve been working hard at getting our new Prestwich HQ retail showroom ready for you! It’s not 100% complete but we’re allllmost there! In the meantime you can now collect your orders from Woodstock in Cape Town (hooray!)

Prestwich HQ is based in Mason’s Press, and is a retail showroom rather than a shopfront retail space but all the same you can visit and purchase products here! Once our showroom is up and running at full capacity, we’d love for you to stop by have a coffee and a chat and browse or buy our Prestwich products in the flesh! We are so looking forward to your visits and can’t wait to meet you!

Make sure to RSVP to our Prestwich Champagne and Shopping Showroom launch event on Facebook! There will be great discounts, specials, new products, bubbly and pies by Miss American Pie!

To keep updated with our showroom news and more follow our Instagram for more behind the scenes.

Here are some photos of our new space, we will be updating you with the final product really soon!

An Empty Canvas –
during our first days here we had lots of fun planning how we were going to decorate the Prestwich showroom with all our beautiful products!

A few of our lovely products on display!

Our current greeting card display – how stunning are these cards!!

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