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Here at Prestwich we love a good blog, and even better, a blog that makes us keep coming back for more. I get so excited for new posts from my favourite blogs, whether fashion, beauty, career, personal, or recipe-related and love exploring new blogs I find!

Our blog love-list is looong so to begin with here are a few of our faves at the moment:

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1. Kim Gray

Kim’s blog is an establishment when it comes to local blogs. An experienced SA styling and design expert now living in Ireland, she is always in the know and has her finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest decor and lifestyle trends and new discoveries. I just love checking out her new and favourite finds!

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2. Harper and Harley

One of my ultimate style muses, Sara Donaldson, a super stylish Aussie blogger, shares her faves and essentials all relating to her chic black, white and grey philosophy. Although pink is of course near and dear to my heart when it comes to colour preferences, I am a staunch monochromatic dresser. When I discovered Harper and Harley I most definitely hit the holy grail of wardrobe inspiration. She also features stunning fitness style and lifestyle inspiration and brilliant beauty how-to’s.

3. The Pretty Blog

This blog needs no introduction! The lovely ladies at The Pretty Blog led by the inspirational Christine Meintjes have grown this incredible blog from the go-to wedding destination to the ultimate lifestyle blog. They feature amazing inspiration and how-to’s from weddings to food to style and they have enough eye-candy to keep you coming back every day! I scoured their site while planning my wedding in 2014 (I was excited for ours to be featured right here) and got so many useful tips. Now I enjoy all their beautiful and inspiring lifestyle features!

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4. Glitz and Grammar

Once of my absolute favourite blogs at the moment. Hilarious, honest, relatable and fabulous, I get so excited for every new post Anja puts up on the blog. Head to her blog for a dose of pop culture, fashion and food – you’ll be so pleased you did.

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5. Amber Interiors

I have been following Amber Interior’s Pinterest-worthy Instagram for a while and started checking our her blog regularly soon after. Amber Lewis is an interior designer from Los Angeles, who features her amazing contemporary and eclectic style and finds on her blog. I’m also obsessed with her before-and-afters. Check it out but be warned – you’ll be Pinning from her site for days.

We’ll be back soon with some more fabulous blogs – in the meantime make sure to follow our Instagram for behind the scenes and inspirational finds!

Are there any must-see blogs that you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!